About Us

Barnes.com was created to capture the wonderful world of travel, wine, and culinary. Traveling to 34 countries, we have so much more to see and do. Join us as we explore countries and cultures.

The backstory: In 2003, I found the URL Barnes.com and created a website. In 2007, I met the most incredible person; my wife. We bought our first home together in 2008. The same year our son was born and I completed my MBA. In 2011, we built our first home and got word we were going to live in Northern Canada. Our 7.6 year ex-pat journey began and we became residents of Canada and The Netherlands.

MILESTONES: 2003 – Purchased Barnes.com.
2004 – First 100 views on Barnes.com.
2005 – Received email(s) thinking we were Barnes and Noble.
2006 – People outside of U.S.A. begin to contact Barnes.com.
2007 – Outreach to people with Barnes sir names.
2008 – Established contact with several Barnes organizations.
2009 – Received 1,000 views on Barnes.com.
2010 – Travel U.S.A.
2011 – Travel Europe.
2012 – Travel Canada.
2013 – Travel Canada.
2014 – Travel Canada.
2015 – Travel Canada.
2016 – Travel The Netherlands.
2017 – Travel The Netherlands.
2018 – Travel The Netherlands.
2019 – Travel posts begin on Barnes.com.
2020 – Increase traffic to Barnes.com.

Barnes.com community grows every day. Thank you for joining us!