Confidence will come. Focus on the moment. Courage begins now.

Confidence will come. Focus on the moment. Courage begins now. 1

Looking out over the city of Porto, my son has a great way of ‘taking it all in’. Our first family trip to Portugal had us touring though all areas of the city of Porto. We are travelers and love to explore.

Through our travels, opportunities to be courageous always present themselves. Performing courageous acts means doing the right thing when there is peer-pressure or a pressure to do something else.

Courage is the act of now and a choice we make in the moment. What is courage and how can we gain confidence from the actions we take…

As a child, you know your environment and you know the environment is safe. You are protected and supported by those around you. The support and care you feel from others allow you to take courageous acts. Many courageous moments over time allow us to become confident.

Now, fast forward to adulthood, look at your relationships. Who believes in you… Who supports and cares for you… Who do you know that knows you will succeed at your goals….

Every courageous moment you have will help others to become more courageous. Like a smile, when you smile your serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins are released and others smile too.

Act on a courageous moment today.