Home, Art, Wine, Travel, and Food…

September and October flew by and with this brought a new home, new wines, new art, and new foods…wait, new travels too.

Our home, we decided on a home with a pool and many other high-tech features. With 6 new apps on my phone, controlling sprinklers to alarm system to lighting is a breeze. After time spent in The Netherlands, we decided to forgo gardening services and maintain our own lawn – all battery powered!

Several pieces of art arrived at our doorstep. A friend Lucas Seaward sent a fine piece of art. He has developed a contemporary concept incorporating archival ink to textured rich “oil sands” encapsulated by clear coated resin. Beautiful – contact me for Houston showings.

Subscription or wine clubs. A mass of amount of wines have been added to our collection arriving via FedEx (signature required) – love it.

Wines include: Genache Rouge – France, Malbec – Argentina, Cabernet Sauvignon – America/California, Barbera – America/California, Sauvignon Blanc – South Africa, Barbera Merlot Cabernet Franc Grenache – America/California.

Travel: Holland, France, Norway, and Mexico.

Thank you to folks in Mexico for great tasting flour and corn tortillas and coffee from Veracruz.

Home, Art, Wine, Travel, and Food... 1