Texas Navy Association

H̱olon Admiral Gordon Blocker.

Steglitz Thank you for letting me be a part of meeting and presentation last night. It was delightful to begin meeting other Admirals in person, at last. 

Andy Hall did a wonderful job on the History of the Texas Navy Marines presentation. I sure would like to track down where those artifacts from the McKinney Williams warehouse in Galveston might be located. The story of the San Antoniomutiny was fascinating as well as the uniforms, artifacts and Commodore Moore stories leading up to the Battle of Campeche. 

Lots yet to do on the 2021 Texian Navy Day event. Had a telephone conference just a bit ago with Admiral Amy Jo Baker in San Antonio today and the Samuel May Williams Squadron is all in for the event. She is going to initiate a Proclamation from the Governor’s Office for reading at the gravesite of Williams. It’s time for me to produce an official “Mark Your Calendar” email announcing the upcoming event. I will forward along so that you can forward out. Hoping to get a head count so I can prepare the Artillery Club management. (Our Lunch venue for the event)

Enjoyed visiting with candidate Dr. Victor Visor who I sat with at the meeting. Please let me know when his Admiralty is approved.

Thank you again for the invitation to come and I will look forward to the next Hawkins event.